Contract Analytical Services

Contract Analytical Services

Etico Lifesciences is an independent, contract analytical testing service. We are a one stop solution providing a wide range of analytical services and consulting to a variety of sectors. We provide a customized approach for a wide range of testing services and solutions. Be it, checking raw materials, qualifying finished parts from your vendors or a failure analysis and material testing, we have the experience and technology to get you the answers you need. We help you meet the challenging deadlines and requirements by providing prompt service, technical accuracy and fast turnaround at a competitive price. If that does not fulfils your requirements, we also provide consultation and interpretation of results in order to better satisfy your specific needs.

Testing services:

Specializing in material testing, Etico Lifescience offers an end-to-end solution for your analytical testing needs. We are committed to deliver highest quality of service to all our clients. We understand that data from analytical services is crucial in decision making at every stage of a project. We expedite your testing service with our strong alliance with top laboratories across India. We analyze the test results and provide expert interpretations. We also develop custom tests for you to help you to successfully develop your technologies. We aim to provide accurate and reliable data at unbeatable rate and speed.

We have a successful product development track record generating niche and other forms of pharmaceutical products with and without commercial partners. Our development organisation is able to handle multiple product development projects simultaneously. If you are interested in the co-development of a specific generic product and need a reliable development partner capable of running the development programme and registering the product dossier, you can contact us. If you are interested in discussing a partnering proposal.

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